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Estimating Dynamic R&D Choice: An Analysis of Costs and Long-Run Benefits,
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Media coverage: VoxEU.org

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Aktuelle Arbeitspapiere

The Dynamic Impact of R&D Investment on Productivity and Export Demand (mit F. Maican, M. Orth, and M.Roberts).

Entry in German Pharmacy Markets (mit O. Arentz, C. Recker, and A. Wambach).

Firm R&D Investment and Export Market Exposure (mit B. Peters und M. Roberts).







Aktuelle Projekte

Measuring Long-Run Benefits of Firm's Innovations and Human Capital Investments (mit B. Peters und M. Roberts).

Energy Efficiency and Household Dynamic Investment Choice (mit S. Mertesacker).

R&D Investment in the Presence of Innovation Spillovers (mit B. Peters, M. Roberts, and H. Zhang)